Sandringham Flower Show 2010


The garden is a modern interpretation of the cottage garden, but with a twist, while retaining its beauty, but cutting down on its maintenance.Planted mainly with Hardy perennials, while looking good they are very robust and will more or less look after themselves.
The lawn has been replaced by stone paving and shingle, so saving time on cutting the grass, and giving you the pace to relax and enjoy the garden. Although there is no lawn, the garden is still lush and green, with the living  wall of clover which does not need cutting.

Some of the plants used in the making of this garden are as follows:-
Agapanthus “Blue Triumphator”, Agapanthus “ Headbourne Hybrids”, Alchemilla mollis, Delphinium, Eryngium varifoium, FoeniIculum vulgare, ”Purpureum” (Bronze Fennel), Geranium “Pink Spice”, Lupinus “The President”, Stipa giantea, Verbena bonariensis

Viridis Garden Construction

Sponsors: Mark Reed Sculptures & NRS Landscape Centre