Sandringham Flower Show 2011

The Living Room

“The Living Room” is designed to maximise the space available, creating a usable and environmentally
friendly garden which can be used in a number of ways.

The structure creates a second level in the garden. Providing an outside room to entertain in, below a living roof of Yarrow (“Achillea millefolium”) , which can be used to relax on, or perhaps for children to play on.

Yarrow, being a hardy native British wild flower, makes a good alternative to lawn. The flower beds are planted mainly with hardy perennials, whilst looking good they are very robust and like the Yarrow will more less look after themselves.

Some of the plants used in the garden are:Agapanthus ‘Headbourne Hybrids’, Agapanthus umbellatus alba, Clerodendrum bungei “Pink Diamond”, Dahlia “Candy Eyes”, Eryngium varifoium, Foeniculum vulage “Purpureum” (Bronze Fennel), Geranium “Pink Spice”, Heuchera “Green Spice”, Stipa gigantea, Verbena bonariensis.

The Living Room Garden Construction

Sponsors: Mark Reed Sculptures, Norfolk Quality Plants, NRS Landscape Centre & Stoke Ferry Timber