Sandringham Flower Show 2018

Garden Rooms

The garden was based on the narrow back garden of a terraced house, which is then divided up by fences, constructed out of different materials to create three different areas or garden rooms, all with there own unique character. A winding path connected all three areas, so although the garden has been divided up it still felt as one. The winding path and fence obscured the view from one area to another, so that you do not see everything at once, only revealing the next area as you moved further down the path. However,you viewing the whole garden from the side view, you benefit from seeing all the individual areas all together.

The first garden room was planted up with a mixture of annuals and perennials, many of which I have grown from seed, which keeps the cost down of creating a space like this. It was planted to emulate a wild flower meadow, but with modern day cultivars, with all the plants intertwining and giving a relaxed natural feel. This area is loved by the bees, butterflies and insects. The second garden room was a little more traditional, with a border planted with a colourful selection of perennials and shrubs. It also benefited from a lawn and the tranquil sound of the water in the water feature, nestled in amongst the plants. The final garden was designed to be low maintenance, planted with different varieties of Sedum and Sempervivum’s all requiring minimal water to grow, yet still giving colour and texture from there succulent leaves all year round and their flowers during summer. The fences were made from recycled materials and the path meets up with a paved area, on which there was re-purposed table and stools to sit at, on a sunny evening with a glass of wine.

I would like to thank my team for the help in constructing the garden, both on the show ground and the many hours preparation in the weeks and months prior to the show.

The gardens have kindly been sponsored by:, Klein & Redwolf Ltd.,
M & B Distributors, Norfolk Quality Plants & NRS Landscape Centre.

Without their help the construction of this garden would not have been possible.

Garden Rooms Construction