Sandringham Flower Show 2014

The Circle of Life "Ron & Rocky's Garden

The concept of the garden is designed around a droplet of rain in a pool of water, the ripples it creates and the life it brings. Starting from the centre point of the garden is a curved lattice work of English Ash, creating a falling water droplet shaped structure over a circular area of natural sandstone paving. The paving is sunken into the ground, symbolising the indent in the surface of water, as the droplet makes contact with the pool. The stone paving is cut in wide and narrow strips to replicate the movement of the ripple as it disperses out from its original central point. Running around the paving is a retaining wall made from planks of Norfolk Oak cut at different heights and rising above ground level to symbolise the splash that that the droplet makes in the pool of water. Running around the paving, is a lawn made up of alternate strips of grass and clover, again to symbolise the ripple widening outwards. The lawn then meets the flower border packed with plants, which encompasses the whole garden as ‘the ripple of water’ brings life to the plants. Leading out from the central paving are the steps leading up to the gardens edge, again the paving is cut into wide and narrow strips to symbolise the ripples of water. As you go up the steps you walk through a large circle of circular chain. This is part of a chain sculpture which runs through the plants in the border. Like the droplet of water and the ripples it creates, the sculpture and things in life are linked together, one action or event will lead to another : a droplet of water – the ripples – giving life for plants to grow.

Throughout the construction, this garden has been affectionately know as Ron & Rocky’s Garden. Ron my late father in law, and earlier this year, unfortunately a dear friend Rocky. Both lost their battle with Cancer. Like the ripple in the pool of water touching everything in its way, Cancer also touches so many of us. If we haven’t been personally affected by it, we know someone who has. Nowadays with the research that is being carried out and modern treatment, many people manage to ride out the waves and fortunately are still here with us today.

Sponsors: LPM Bohemia, M J Elliott, Norfolk Quality Plants & NRS Landscape Centre