Sandringham Flower Show 2015

The Square Garden

The Garden has a simple layout, based on two paths meeting in a central patio area. As the gardens name suggests it has quite structured layout. It has been designed to try and give a more enclosed and secluded feel, like that of a courtyard garden. It has a gabion style wall at the back of the garden and handwoven fencing on either side all at 1.8m high. The gardens paths of natural sawn Sandstone stone flags run around its perimeter, then cross the garden to meet in the central patio area, allowing the planting in the beds to be viewed from all sides. The square patio area has an open oak pergola with a stained glass window suspended horizontally in its centre, depicting the gardens layout. Under the pergola there is a stone water feature in the centre of the patio and a seat at each of the four corner posts, so that you can sit and enjoy the garden, while you listen to the water rippling down the sides of the water feature. The four L-shaped flowers beds which are bordered by the on all sides by the paths and the patio, softens the hard landscaping, as the planting in the beds and is mainly made up of a mixture of perennials, but also some annuals and shrubs as well, planted in a cottage style.

Sponsors: M & B Distributors, M J Elliott, Norfolk Quality Plants & NRS Landscape Centre

The Wild and Woolly Garden

The Wild and Woolly garden is created with wild life in mind and simple beauty, with long grass, a mixture of wild and cultivated flowers to benefit the bees, butterflies and insects. Its layout of two crossing paths, where there is a hand carved chainsaw sculpture and also seating, so that you can sit and look over the garden, relaxing as you watch the butterflies and listening to the bees and insects as the buzz from flower to flower. The pathways in the garden are simply created by mowing through the grass and clover. Also included in the garden are a small pond for wild life to drink at, a log pile for insects to burrow into a ‘bug hotel’ and rustic chain sculpture. Very few hard landscaping materials have been used in the garden, giving the garden a soft and natural feel. Although the garden is not instant, it has been designed so that anyone could create this effect in their own garden in a matter of months and very inexpensively as 99.9% of the plants in the garden, we have grown from seed. Creating a garden that its not only naturally beautiful, but has many benefits nature as well.